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IN-DEMAND JOB SKILLS Denver Post Business Sunday September 4, 2016

Communication. Organization. Teamwork. Punctuality. Social Skills. Critical Thinking. Creativity. Interpersonal Communication. Adaptability. Friendly Personality.

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Denver Labor Market


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Eight Job Skills that make employers happy

 Job Skills from Denver Post 2-21-2016

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Collaboration
  3. Leadership
  4. Creativity
  5. Written Communications
  6. Coding
  7. Data Management
  8. Customer Service

Jobs in 2020

Jobs in 2020

Who will have a thriving career, and who won’t? Find out what will drive America’s workforce.  How will the job market look at the end of this decade, and what should you do now to ensure a thriving career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that occupations requiring a master’s degree will grow 21.7 percent between 2010 and 2020. Openings for educated healthcare practitioners as well as qualified IT professionals should increase by 25.9 percent. Of the top 10 professions listed on U.S. News’ list of Best Jobs of 2012, nine require at least an associate’s degree.

Each statistic hammers home the same message: Proper education and training is imperative to future employment. The time to prepare is now!

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Business Careers Top the Jobs List in 2015

2015 looks to be a good year for new college graduates, with business being the number one most sought-after major (38%).  This according to a recently-released survey from CareerBuilder (www.CareerBuilder.com).  Other in-demand majors include computer and information sciences (27%), engineering (18%), math and statistics (14%), and health professions (14%).

Specific positions that hiring managers are looking to fill include:

  • Information technology (30%)
  • Customer service (28%)
  • Finance/Accounting (22%)
  • Sales (21%)
  • Business development (19%)

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